A brand that builds a community of outdoor culture, and inspires folks to go outside to experience nature in their own unique way.  No pro athletes. No elitist influencers. Just a diverse group of regular humans with a passion for exploring local rivers, trails, forests, and beyond.

We were born in 2009 in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.  This is where our culture and heart remain, but the wonderment doesn't end there.  Experiencing nature isn't just local, it's universal.  It's for everyone, everywhere. This is why we commission artists from all over the country to speak to what resonates in their souls when in the outdoors.  Our ever-expanding line of technical outerwear is designed for multi-sport activity in an array of environments and our benchmark casual wear is always built with comfort and sustainability in mind.   


Our headquarters is located in the historic Ozark Mountain Smokehouse at the base of Kessler Mountain in Fayetteville, AR, which gives our team an easy excuse to explore, hike, and bike the surrounding trails. 


Our journey is to create Goods for the Woods that are Good for the Woods. This is an endless process of evolving standards and goals within the walls of our Ozark Mountain Smokehouse HQ.  It’s utilizing built-to-last materials like organic and recycled cotton, hemp, and recycled polyester.  It’s partnering with Fair Trade/Labor Certified factories and producing products in the USA.  It’s building a durable, responsible product and then resolving to do it better with each passing line.  It’s not always easy. Hell, it’s rarely easy. We resolve to be a part of the solution, not a part of the pollution.

When you purchase a Fayettechill product, you can rest easy knowing it’s been designed and manufactured with utmost care in lessening the impact on our environment, with the character and soul of the rivers, trails, and forests of the Ozark Mountains. Guaranteed.

Learn more about our commitment to transparency in design, fabric sourcing, and production on each individual product page.