The Smokehouse

Over 50 years ago, the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse was a local smokery and restaurant  -- a business that would run for a half century. Located on the Northern Slope of Mount Kessler, the historic “Smokehouse,” is no longer an actual smokehouse, but home to our headquarters where you can find us designing product & doing everything it takes to grow the brand with our small team.

The Smokehouse’s 18,000 square feet gives us the room we need to continue to grow; and since it is based at the bottom of Mt. Kessler, this gives our team an easy excuse to explore, hike, and bike the surrounding trails. 

Our journey of moving into the Smokehouse started with meeting Frank Sharp at an Ozark Offroad Cyclists meeting at his home on the mountain in 2014. With the building being vacant back then, we asked Frank what his plans were with the space and long story short...we moved from a small warehouse a.k.a a garage to the 18,000 sq ft building that has inspired the brand for many years. We are lucky to have 50 years of history and relics of a successful business in the region and we use these throughout the brand today.