The Smokehouse Headquarters

Over 50 years ago, the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse started with a smoked turkey, sparking a business that would run for a half century out of the building Fayettechill now calls home. Located on the Northern Slope of Mount Kessler, the “Smokehouse” is now home to Fayettechill’s headquarters and the Smokehouse Outlet.  

Our central offices, warehouse, creative, social, and business gatherings all take place in and around the Smokehouse.  The Smokehouse and Fayettechill are a perfect match as the Smokehouse’s 18,000 square feet give us us the room we need to continue to grow; and since it is based at the bottom of Mt. Kessler, this gives our team the room we need to explore, hike, and bike the surrounding trails.  It’s history gives us motivation and inspiration on how to create something larger than ourselves, and to do so in an environmentally conscious way.  Needless to say, Fayettechill has found its home; and we’re just getting started turning it into our playground. 

Fayettechill Clothing Co. creates experience inspired clothing and technical apparel for the outdoor enthusiasts living in a modern world. Fayettechill promotes the relaxed and fulfilled state of mind that is brought about by adventuring into the wild.  We live for the moments when we can connect with nature, but also the ones after when we soak it all in.  We are a movement to take life slowly- not in body, but in mind.  Life is an adventure, and we're here to remind you to enjoy the ride. Our mission is to Suspend the World in Nature.