Summer Playlist: Hot New Tunes for a Hot New Season

Spring in all her breezy glory has been wonderful, but while she enjoys the last few moments of her standing ovation before the Solstice, Summer eagerly awaits his turn to take the stage. He’s bright for sure, but also a bit sweaty if we are being honest. At times I admit to hiding deep within my AC oasis of an apartment in those brutal afternoon hours, as he has for years stolen my lunch money and energy when I dare to venture out into the humid Arkansas heat.  Sometimes you have to embrace the challenge though, and without doubt quality music has sprung up in the months leading up to Summer’s grand unveiling. 

We at Fayettechill have left no stone unturned in order to present all you fine folk with the newest Summer tunes we could find while pretending to work at the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse.  We're proud to say, this fifty song playlist contains 90% new tracks all released within the past three months since the Spring Shuffle.

Crank these up with friends abound while biking, swimming, or just laying about, and I’d wager that the heat will be a distant third or maybe even fourth in the priorities of your mind. From us here at Fayettechill, have a wonderful Summer everyone.  Stay tuned for our next quarterly playlist set to drop on the Fall Equinox of September 22nd.

If you are a little more electronically inclined, then check out Vulpî's new mix for thirty minutes of pure future-feels goodness.  

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