For the last five years our Yoga Adventure Series classes have allowed us to grow + practice our love of relaxing in nature. We believe that when you combine movement with your surrounding elements, good things follow

Our sixth season takes off on April 7, 2018 & will run through October 2018. Look forward to some special changes as we grow YAS into a more community-based + get-to-know-the-Ozarks focused series.

Sunrise Yoga

Our sunrise yoga classes are an incredible way of experiencing this first hand, with friends new and old, all while experiencing the natural awe and beauty of the outdoors as the work week ends.

We invite yogis of all experiences levels - from first time practicers to life long masters - to join us in what are always special mornings at locations all across NWA. Meet us at Basecamp just before the sunrise, let go, and we'll take it from there.

Yellowrock, Devil's Den State Park

The original destination for sunrise yoga holds a special place in our heart, and therefore will be the kickoff location for our 2018 YAS season. The Eastern flat rock provides the perfect setting for a calm morning filled with relaxation and inspiration. This particular destination starts off with a brisk 1.5 mile hike to the namesake feature, providing extra elevation and stimulation to our early morning wake up. All experience levels welcome. To explore Yellowrock on your own, visit the State Parks Page here.