24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell

Every year Horseshoe Canyon Ranch hosts a 24 hour climbing event that brings a diverse group of people from all over the nation, all interested in one thing, to climb rocks harder than their friends. The energy these climbers have for their sport is impossible to miss:  the passionate rallies, fearless pep talks, eccentric costumes, and apparent willingness to compete in a climbing competition for 12 or 24 hours straight all mark a level of dedication rarely scene in everyday life. Do not be mislead, this competition is not all about climbing rocks. It's about making lasting friendships, outdoing another team with a ridiculous costume, indulging in dark beers, and sharing your favorite near death climbing story. With all this being said, it made my job of capturing the event easy and entertaining. One could not have asked more from this years event. Even the rain arrived a few hours after the competition ended just in time for to soothe everyone for an afternoon nap before the award ceremony. Without a doubt Fayettechill will be making it for 2014. - Trent Sugg, Fayettechill lead photographer