Rock City of Kessler Mountain: Temporarily Closed to the Public

There's been a lot of "what's going on with Rock City" talk around Fayetteville. After much discussion and careful consideration by the folks of the Kessler Greenway Stewardship Committee and the NWA Land Trust, it has been decided to temporarily close the Rock City portion of the Kessler Mountain Trails for conservation and beautification. The full press release for explanation can be read below.

As we're working with them to figure out a plan for responsible public use in the future, locals can still direct their hiking urges to the opposite side of Kessler Mountain, with public access trails available in plenty via the new Kessler Mountain Regional Park off Judge Cummings Road. This park is backdropped with over 380 acres of public forest land that has been made into over seven miles of accessible trail. Those interested in viewing the Kessler Mountain Trails Master Plan, scheduled to be completed by Progressive Trail Designs in September 2017, can view the full proposal here.



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