What’s in a New Supermoon: Going Inward to Find Out

What's a supermoon anyway? When I found out it was a *new* supermoon I was frankly a bit confused so decided to do my research. Foundationally speaking, a supermoon is simply an indication of the moon's close proximity to the earth while traveling along its orbit. This moment, known as a lunar pedigree, happens no matter full or new moon, and comes four to six times per year.

The energetic experience of a new moon is often a time of peace and easeful reflection. However, the *supermoon* aspect of May’s new moon in Gemini is a jolting call toward facing our struggles. The new supermoon of this month is a call to go into the great unknown— the darkness, the emptiness of our inner self.

As we are made wildly aware of the depths of the internal self, we are offered many choices. Where are you going? What are your motivations? What untruths are keeping you powerless and out of alignment with your higher self?

There is no doubt, navigating such questions will take deep focus and commitment to our darkness, to our within. Residing in such a place of vulnerability, a place we may be quite unfamiliar with, will not be an easy journey. Yet, the willingness to be with one's internal self is really what this super new moon is asking of us. We are called to see ourselves more clearly, to commit to the inner journey in courage and honesty.

Through this super new moon, may we tap into its power and use this as fuel toward clarity. With insight, may we understand the habits and desires that are holding us back. With honesty, may we discover the motivations behind the choices we been making as of late. With diligence, may we plant seeds of honor toward our higher selves, seeds that grow into a new form rooted in self-honesty and openness, awareness and connection to our destiny. May we water these seeds with continual attention and love.

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