Meet Our Non Profits: Southeastern Climbers Coalition

Interview by Connor Cockrell - FC team member
Responses by Cody Roney - Executive Director of the Southeastern Climbers Coalition


As Fayettechill grows, we understand that we have a responsibility to partner with folks who are making a difference in any area that FC has friends, not just here in the Ozarks. So, that being said, meet our newest non-profit partner, the Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC). We are stoked to be a part of an organization that is striving to provide a positive impact on climbing areas throughout the southeast while working to set aside and manage land for outdoor recreation.


FC: Can you give us some history and roots of the SCC?

Cody: The SCC started in 1993 when a group of climbers banned together to save the climbing scene at Sunset Rock in Chattanooga, TN. Soon after, the threat of developing a popular boulder field in Atlanta Georgia called Boat Rock became a real issue. As developers were blowing up sections of the boulder field, the SCC was able to purchase a portion of the boulders. Boat Rock now sits nestled in the middle of a neighborhood close to downtown Atlanta!  Boat Rock was the SCC's first land purchase and the project that put the SCC in motion as a NPO. Now, 23 years strong, the SCC owns nine areas and helps manage over 30 in Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia!


FC: How has the SCC changed over time?

Cody: The SCC began as a very small, grassroots organization. Climbing was not popular or mainstream when the SCC began.  With a membership of just 30 in it's infancy, the SCC slowly grew over the years and now has a steady member base of over 1,000 people.

Our mission and drive has never changed. We will always be an organization that works to protect climbing areas for future generations. But, as climbing grows, new challenges are presented-- overcrowding, educational needs, a massive increase of visitation at our outdoor climbing areas, etc.  As climbing has changed and grown, the SCC has worked to keep up with these changes and find solutions to the challenges that come with it. We are psyched for the growth of this sport and the love many people are finding in the outdoors, we just strive even more to be good stewards and encourage good outdoor practices. Additionally, we have lots of climbing access projects on the horizon!


FC: What is a current SCC project that is helping benefit the climbing community in the southeast?

Cody: The SCC is growing and stronger than ever!  We just made our largest land acquisition to date, closing on an almost 700 acre property called Denny Cove. We are working hard on fundraising for this project currently. We owe $200,000 on a loan, and have raised almost $50,000 since August. My goal is to raise $60,000 by Jan 1, 2017!


FC: How can our friends help out?

Cody: You can help by donating to our current project: There's lots of information and a cool video there for the project. Another great way to help is to become a member. There are lots of amazing member benefits! Also, follow our events on Facebook. There are many ways to give back including coming out to trail days and clean ups throughout the year. All of our fundraising events and trail days are posted on our FB and website.

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