Meet Fayettechill's Field Reps: 21 Outdoor Leaders Across the World

As we cruise through the final month of 2016, we thought we’d give you a look behind-the-scenes at a group of our friends that took their stoke for Fayettechill to a whole new level this year. You may have met them at a local grass root event, seen some of their awesome shots on our social media, or maybe even read one of the blog posts they wrote. These folks bring a passion and knowledge of the outdoors that inspires the rest of us here at FC to keep suspending the world in nature through living a chill lifestyle.

Meet our Field Reps!

Alma Baste - Atlanta, GA

Currently a student at Georgia State University studying creative writing and public policy, I hope to work to preserve access to some of the United States' best climbing areas and wild places. I enjoy all types of climbing; bouldering, sport, trad, and even ice climbing (sometimes). I love the physical challenges climbing provides as well as the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful natural spaces this planet has to offer.

Andres MacLean - World Traveller

Originally from Bolivia but have had the opportunity to move around the US and Europe during my teenage years. With each trip my love for travel, photography and adventure grew more and more. Today, I have been on the road for the last 10 months on a trip around the world and don't intend of stopping anytime soon!

Cole Rickard - Fort Collins, CO

Always chasing adventure, and usually disconnected on the weekends. Most of my time is spent on boards and trails, with a pack on my back or trail runners on my feet. Currently studying Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Daniel Tucker - Ubekistan

Raised in Arkansas, formally educated in Colorado, and informally educated elsewhere. I currently live in Uzbekistan and my at my core I’m a traveler, runner, and lover of mountains and music.

Drew Ross - Crossett, AR

Just a guy in a kayak chasing fish with a fly rod.  When I’m not exploring blue lines, I’m a stay-at-home dad teaching my kids about the outdoors.

Ethan Buyer - Chatanooga, TN 

Local crag days, impromptu class V rafting, big mile backpacking trips, and trail running are my favorite forms of wilderness immersion. Time outside is the best way to spend the day. I can endlessly talk on outdoor gear and fabric technology. I constantly look to engage and motivate people to enjoy the outdoors and learn more about resource conservation.

Ian Moffatt - Austin, TX

I study engineering at the University of Texas in Austin because I have the ability to uniquely create and explore different ways to assess problems. I enjoy using this same mindset to take on life through dirtbag-style road trips and innovative outdoor activities. Whether it’s rock climbing, snowboarding, skating, or camping, the presence of great friends makes any outdoor experience like no other.

Isabelle Berryhill - Dardanelle, AR 

Soon to be college student with a love for the outdoors. So far my photography has taken me all through Arkansas, to Yellowstone, and to India in June! I’m a fan of anything that has to do with the outdoors and with wildlife conservation.

Jason Lewis - Aurora, MO 

Outdoorsman, photographer & conservationist. Favorite past adventures include ocean kayaking on the Maine Island Trail & Glenn Canyon in AZ. I spend my free time spent the Ozarks and beyond with family & friends.  Favorite modes of transportation are canoe and motorcycle.

Kandace Earle - Little Rock, AR 

Backpacking, web designer, craft beer enthusiast living it up in Little Rock, Arkansas. My greatest escapes are long distance thru hikes and long weekend trail runs with my 100 lb. pup, Samwise the Brave. My husband is a student of environmental law and we have dedicated our lives to keeping our wonderful wilderness in better shape than we found it.

Kelsey Taylor - Phoenix, AZ 

Originally from Arkansas, but now based out of Phoenix, AZ, I spend a lot of time hiking and backpacking in the southwest. Other escapades include: photography, blogging, mountain biking, and scuba diving.

Lexie Davidson - Stillwater, OK

Backpacking and rock climbing guide for Noah's Ark Whitewater Rafting in the San Isabel Forest. I’ll be graduating in December from Oklahoma State University and moving to Buena Vista, Colorado with no job, little money and my deep excitement to pursue my passion for the outdoors.

Matt Allen Robinson - West Palm Beach, FL 

Recently took my talents to South Florida, to the city of West Palm Beach in particular. If you’re looking for me you can find me on the beach, traversing buildings downtown, or praising in church. Just ask for the dude with the camera. Recent obsessions include surfing, trail exploration, and bodyweight training.

Matt Brown - Czech Republic 

Wandering in the wilderness via my downhill bike, paraglider, or snowboard. Van traveller and adventure seeker.

Micah Little - Denver, CO 

Moved from Mississippi to Colorado to pursue powder, big views, and mountain beauty. Amateur photographer trying to enjoy the incredible west as best as possible by climbing, snowboarding, hiking, and kicking it in the backcountry.

Michelle VanRoekel - Adel, IA 

Outdoor enthusiast from Iowa currently pursuing a nomadic lifestyle where climbing, mountain biking, paddling, and backpacking take up most of my time. My passions have brought me all over the U.S. and even as far as New Zealand where I spent 66 days climbing, backpacking, and hitchhiking through the South Island.

Miles Zeorlin - Tyler, TX

Collegiate XC and track athlete graduating from UT Tyler in December. Obsessed with just about every outdoor pursuit with plans to build a life around the disciplines that have given my life meaning and taught me so much about myself and the world around me. Currently in the process of converting a Honda Element into a stealth trailhead/ ski resort parking lot camper/ mobile command station for world domination.

Quinn Reeves - Banner Elk, NC

Originally from East Texas, now going to school in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Collegiate mountain bike racer, occasional trail runner, and all around dirt bag. Fan of everything that helps me push myself outdoors. Currently branching out into climbing, skiing, and snowboarding.

Reed Schick - Eastern Tennessee

Freelance photographer pursuing Economics & Marketing in the mountains of East Tennessee. I enjoy backpacking, photographing, and exploring the many beauties that this world has to offer. Just a bearded dude, burning with passion for stories.

Taylor Yeazitzis - Huntsville, AL

Broke college student with a passion for the outdoors. I like to spend my free time hiking, backpacking, climbing, paddling, or traveling-- usually covered in dirt and dog hair. I’m currently finishing up my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology in Huntsville, Alabama and hope to pursue a career in wilderness therapy.

Zane Mills - Los Angeles 

Midwest kid moved all the way West. Outdoor enthusiast attending UCLA while working my wheat farm in Oklahoma during the summers.  Just got back from Yosemite, next trip will be to Yoho and Banff NPs!

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