Ground into the Earth: Tips on Staying Healthy & Balanced This Fall Season

Welcome to Fall-- easily distinguished as most people's favorite seasons and for good reason. Fall is a time of high energy, with full weekends and late nights always as an option. As the wind picks up and the air gets cooler, we may feel a rising of creativity within us. We may feel like there is no stopping, that we're going so fast and doing so many things that we might just fly away . . .

In comes the essence of grounding. As like increases like and opposites balance, we can bring health and stability into our bodies by understanding the tendencies of fall and working with their opposites. As fall is uplifted and chaotic, our power will come from slowing down and grounding--both literally, standing still and barefoot on the earth, and figuratively, by settling into our life exactly as it is.

Fall is also defined as a time of coldness, dryness, subtlety, and roughness. This can show up in our lives as joint and muscle stiffness, anxiety, dryness, and insomnia. To stay balanced and happy through this new season, bring in opposites: warmth, rhythm, moisture, fluidity, nourishment, groundedness. These can be brought into our lives via diet, herbs, new habits, and intentional movement. 


Invite foods + herbs that promote digestion and warmth. Try increasing your intake of healthy grains, root veggies, sweet-seasonal fruits, fermented foods, seaweed and warm stews. Some excellent fall balancing herbs include ginger, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, and parsley.


Staying hydrated. As fall is drying and cold, invite balance by drinking warm teas or warm water throughout the day.

Oil massage. Another great way to find balance in the fall is via nourishing daily self massages. Try using warming oils like sesame, almond, or joboba oil.

Get plenty of rest. Though there seems to always be an invitation to stay up late in the Fall season, practice a routine of getting to bed earlier. The optimal hours for rest are 10p-6a. If you can wake at 6a, it is an optimal hour to nourish and ground: practice grounding meditation and gentle movement.


Staying lubricated in your joints is important to Fall balancing. Try practicing some form of movement daily. Yoga is warming and nourishing while outdoor sports will keep your spirits lifted. Some postures that are especially grounding and nourishing include Reclining Big Toe Pose, Downward Facing Dog, Eye of the Needle, and Legs Up the Wall Pose.

Stay anchored, stay true to yourself, stay grounded. As you settle into the fall, find a routine that works well for you. Happy fall. 

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