Fresh Tunes of 2016: "Wildflower" by the Avalanches [album review]

2016 has hit the halfway mark with startling speed, but already we’ve been gifted some great albums by artists both old and new.  Throughout the remainder of this year we'll be reviewing albums that any purveyors of tasty tunes out there would be remiss to skip.  Check them out at your leisure, and let us know what you think.

The Avalanches - Wildflower

Sixteen years.  Between their groundbreaking debut
Since I Left You in 2000, and the release of Wildflower earlier this month, the world of music and beyond has changed.  Many doubted that after such a long hiatus The Avalanches would ever release another album, let alone one of similar quality and sheer uniqueness.  

Yet after all the delays and questions here we are with a new album, and it largely lives up to the considerable hype.  Thousands of samples, everything from long forgotten movie dialogue to equally strange songs, are orchestrated together in a manner that gives a kaleidoscope of emotions for listeners to explore and enjoy.  

Features from modern artists such as Toro y Moi, Danny Brown, and more appear here as well.  Teetering between indie, hip hop, and something else entirely, this is an album to which you can either dance or dream.  Nostalgia (particularly towards the 60s, 70s, and 90s), bliss, and sadness tinted with a healthy dose of psychedelia are somehow all swirled about into one cohesive sound, and it’s beautiful.  

The first single "Frankie Sinatra" might scare off some initial listeners with its peculiar beat and carnivalesque tone, but within the album it flows much more naturally.  The second and third singles(
"Colours" and "Subway" respectively), are more accessible as stand alones, but again this is an album that truly benefits from a straight play through.  So get comfy, fire this baby up, and resist the urge to song hop as The Avalanches take you through another sonic sojourn as only they can.

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Stand outs, in no particular order: 

Because I’m Me  •  Subways  •  If I Was a Folkstar  •  The Noisy Easter  •   Harmony  •  Wozards of Iz  •  Sunshine 


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