Fundraise for Earth Day: Help Fayettechill Protect the Buffalo River Watershed

Fundraise for Earth Day: Help Fayettechill Protect the Buffalo River Watershed

The Nature Conservancy has one goal: to protect the lands and waters in which all life depends. Their Arkansas Chapter has been working to do this in Arkansas for 35 years. As of late, alongside other land trusts like the Buffalo River Foundation, they have been working to conserve a 1,425 acre plot of land in Newton County, AR. Preservation of this land will further protect the cleanliness of the Buffalo River.

Council Rock Forest Preserve, the land working to be conserved, is a large and undeveloped mountain property near Mt. Judea, AR. Water drains off both the east and west facing walls of this mountain into Big Creek, which then drains into the Buffalo River. Conserving this property is of utmost importance for continued conservation of the Buffalo River. Council Rock Forest is also the home of three rare bat species-- the northern long-eared bat, Indiana bat, and gray bat.

The Nature Conservancy is presently $9,000 short from meeting their fundraising goal that will allow for finalized purchase and protection of the Council Rock Forest region. The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas has worked to conserve over 350,000 acres in Arkansas. At Fayettechill, we are more than honored to support the completion of their goal through our Earth Day Limited Edition tee. The tee will donate $10 of each sale directly toward the Nature Conservancy of Arkansas for protection of Council Rock Forest. The tee will be available for pre order now through Earth Day 2017, April 22nd.

Designed by Arkansan, Brenton Little, this is our abstract rendition of a clean and preserved Earth. We hope this design evokes a feeling of pride for the still clean and protected plots of land in our state and on our planet. It is through preservation of such properties as the Council Rock Forest that we work together to save the Earth, literally, one portion at a time. Pre order here >>>

To learn more about how you can get involved with the Nature Conservancy of Arkansas, please visit their website. To check out our Earth Day '17 LE Tee or to place your pre order, wander that way with a click on this link. To be kept in the loop about how you can work with Fayettechill to support non profits, please join our non profit email list. 

words by Ashleigh Rose | photos courtesy of The Nature Conservancy

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