Buffalo Boogie - An Event to Protect Our Waters Hosted by the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance

Join Fayettechill and the Ozark outdoor community for the Buffalo Boogie on Sunday, January 29th at George’s Majestic Lounge from 4-9:30 p.m. for a musical evening in support of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance (BRWA). Featured bluegrass and folk artists include: Cate Brothers, Bill Dollar and Loose Change, the Sumler/Huff Band, Jim Mills & the Hellbenders, and Leah & the Mojo Doctors. A suggested donation of $5 will be collected at the door to raise funds for the BRWA’s continual fight to Save the Buffalo against the C & H Hog Farm’s pollution into a truly natural gem of the Ozarks.

We all live downstream of the harmful effect that result from the actions taken by private, corporate entities. That is the message of Downstream People, a documentary by Andy Sarjahani, that was screen at Fayettechill’s Basecamp shop on January 5th, 2017 to a large crowd of passionate outdoor enthusiast. The documentary featured the Nation’s first National River - The Buffalo River - and the nearby rural communities’ struggle with a corporate industrial hog farm - C & H Hog Farm.

The C & H Hog farm is located near Big Creek, a major Buffalo River tributary. It is the first and largest hog CAFO (concentrated animal feeding operation) of its kind in Arkansas. Waste management issues in this industrial farm could lead to direct pollution to the Buffalo River that threatens to contaminate and destroy the ecosystem and clean waters of the River we all share and love. The BRWA is fighting to end this destruction of natural health and beauty.

The BRWA was organized by stakeholders living along the Buffalo River watershed, but its supports span the state and region. They operate without a paid staff and depend on countless volunteer hours provided by their board member and many supporters. Fundraisers like the Buffalo Boogie are essential to their continued operations and success.

The Buffalo River Watershed Alliance was created to help preserve and protect the scenic beauty and pristine water quality of the Buffalo National River by opposing and preventing the construction and operation of industrial confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) within the Buffalo River watershed.

The Buffalo National River is the country’s first National River, established in 1972. The mission of the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance is to preserve and protect the scenic beauty of the pristine water and air quality of the Buffalo National River for future generations through public outreach and education, advocacy, and direction actions. Sunday’s Buffalo Boogie event is the next step in making this mission move forward towards it’s goal.

For the event, free parking available in the Walton Arts Center, west lot. Proceeds benefit the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance (BRWA).

BRWA is thrilled that community members and musicians have come together to work and raise funds for the preservation of the Buffalo River. Buffalo Boogie celebrates the caring community of Northwest Arkansas as well as the Buffalo River. There will be a Buffalo River Watershed Alliance information table and letter writing opportunities along with the music.

BRWA is an all-volunteer organization working on multiple fronts which include the following:

  • Public Policy:  BRWA works to influence state and federal agencies to keep this crown jewel of Arkansas clean and pristine for future generations.
  • Watershed Protection:  The Buffalo is but the sum of the waters which feed it and we advocate for equal protection of its tributaries.
  • Sound Science:  BRWA advocates for and provides financial support for expanded water quality monitoring throughout the watershed.  
  • Tourism:  BRWA advocates for the Buffalo River tourism industry, an economic engine which generates 62 million dollars annually and supports 910 jobs in one of the poorest regions of the state.
  • Karst Education: We educate the public as well as policy makers on how waters flow through highly fractured limestone so that contamination risks in the fragile karst terrain can be better understood.

This multi-pronged effort is necessary to preserve and protect the Buffalo River. For more information about the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance visit www.buffaloriveralliance.org

We hope to see you all at the Buffalo Boogie this Sunday, January 29th from 4-9:30 p.m. at George’s Majestic Lounge.

Photography provide by Jeff Rose and Sam Matthews

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