Got What it Takes? Become a Fayettechill Field Rep!

FC Field Rep Andres MacLean. Follow his travels on instagram.

To all those who see Fayettechill as more than a brand -  you see it as a lifestyle, this is for you. We are currently looking for Fayettechill Field Reps for the Fall/Winter 2016 and will have an open application period until the end of August.

Our Field Reps are some of the most creative and inspiring individuals you'll meet. They involve themselves in everything from grassroots climbing and mountain biking competitions to collaborations with local organizations and outfitters while repping at outdoor-minded events. They even show the FC love on social media!

Our Field Reps have been on a mission—to bring Fayettechill to their spheres of influence.

FC Field Rep Alma Baste crack climbing in Indian Creek, UT

Being a Field Rep gets you some sweet perks too. Awesome discount codes for you and your friends, free swag, free entry to all events this fall, and even rewards for completing certain goals we assign Field Reps to complete each month.

Applying to the Field Rep program is open to any who are passionate about Fayettechill and provides an opportunity for a more robust relationship with the company. If you are vibing with this, reach out to Connor, our Community Marketing Manager, at

When you apply, please include an introduction and detailed answers to the following questions:

  • What sports or outdoor activities are you involved with on a monthly basis?
  • What local outdoor organizations/outdoor outfitter (e.g. non-profit, sustainability, outdoor rec) are you involved with? If not currently involved, list ones of interests.
  • What social media channels are you most active in? Please link all personal profiles to referenced channels.
  • What is your lifestyle, and what are your personal goals?
  • Why would you be a great FC Field Rep?
  • What are some tangible deliverables you could bring to the table?


FC Field Rep Matt Monthei. Follow his van travels on instagram.

We are so stoked to hear from you and look forward to meeting more of our FC family through the Field Rep program. Much love. And, to those of you are still reading, check out some of the articles our Field Reps have contributed below:

"How Physical Challenge Provides Mental Breakthroughs" - A divulging of learnings found though her first ever crack climbing experience. 

"FC Field Rep Takes on the Ambiguity of Ice Climbing" - A playful piece about the rewards of taking risks and trying new things.

"Fly Fishing in Dallas: An Interview with FC Field Rep Josh Wiggins" - An interview with avid fly fisher and FC enthusiast about bringing the brand to his hometown.



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