Spring has Sprung: The Season of Creation & Balance

words by Danielle Ribaudo | @moderndayogini | danielleribaudo.com/blog
photos by Danielle Green | @layersphoto | layersphoto.com

Spring has sprung! And we can definitely feel it here in the Ozarks.  The days are getting longer and the flowers are all blooming right on cue. The official first day of spring just behind us, the manifestation vibes are high.  

The Spring represents equal day and equal night and its start is marked by the point when the Sun crosses over the celestial equator. On that day (equniox) there are equal hours of light and dark. We find balance between the light and dark-- the Sun and the Moon. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are waking back up, coming out of the darkness and into the light. This is perfectly reflected in the Southern Hemisphere as they celebrate their Autumnal Equinox and prepare for shorter days of introspection and hibernation. 

For those of us in the North, what should we be paying attention to within ourselves as we move into the spring season? What does this transition mean and how can we be focusing our energies toward finding balance based on the cycles of Mother Earth? When we connect our ambition with the Earth's natural rhythm we create much more power behind our intentions.

Now that equinox has passed, and we have officially moved into spring, shift your focus to what you have been dreaming of during the winter months of incubation. Springtime is all about renewal, rebirth and growth. Look at what you would like to see flourish in your life and start planting those seeds! Manifest! Manifest! Manifest! Ask yourself what you can rid yourself of. What is weighing you down? What is hiding in your shadows and needs to be let free?  Where can you source more light to create balance and allow the growth of your vision?

Here are some quick tips and tricks to help guide your creation this spring:


Get outside and put your bare feet on the Earth, otherwise known as "earthing." Earthing is said to increase energy and blood flow, decrease muscle tension and joint pain, and rebalance our bodies after long days around technology. Sit in a field and feel each blade of new grass run through your fingertips. Slow down and take in your surroundings-- stop and smell the flowers, for real. 


Every practice starts with pausing and restarting. Take a moment to connect with your breath.  Fill your body up and slow your breath down. It is in these quiet moments that we can most clearly hear ourselves and our intuition.  It is up to you to truly listen. 


Move your body, get your circulation going. Sweat. Mimic Spring's increase in temperature by bringing more heat into your body through more vigorous exercise and movement. Try a yoga practice revolved around twisting and letting go (plenty of online resources to guide you, or get your booty to a local class!)


(Yes fellas, you too! Don’t be shy.) Write down a vision of what you would like to manifest over the next few months of this renewing season. Be specific. Be clear. Be mindful of what you ask for. The Universe can be quite accommodating and rather tricky if you are not paying attention.

 Happy re-birth ya’ll!


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