Festival Season Has Begun: Kick it off With Euphoria Music Fest

The good life be found in festival. We have experienced it in full force on Arkansas' Mulberry Mountain where we have disappeared under the sun and into the bliss of musical celebration. We are kin to the spontaneous outdoor camping communities that emerge over festival ground. They remind us of the connective power of nature and music, physically and mentally.

We look forward to exploring this most radical incarnation of outdoor community this Spring, Summer, and Fall as festival season begins. To kick things off, our first festival of the year will be Euphoria, an Austin, TX based camping and music festival. 

Get the brief, fill the car with one part camping gear, two parts specialty supplies, and meet us at Carson Creek Ranch. Here's why we're getting involved (and think you should too):

1. Experience Austin

Austin is the strongest creative force in the southern United States. It is a kaleidoscope of culture and a demonstration of urban community in a modern form. A trip to Euphoria includes the not-so-hidden perk that is an Austin experience.

Don’t sleep on diving deeper into Austin in addition to the Euphoria experience. Why? Along with Fayetteville, Austin was recently named a top 3 most livable city in the United State by US News, a study whose rank revolves around the quality of life offered in each city. Incredible experiences await throughout this modern metropolis.

2. Progressive Camping Culture through Tentsile Tents

Outdoor dreamers and enthusiasts-- Euphoria is the place for you. While this camping festival offer a modern bazaar-like community of wonder, tent company Tentsile will be elevating the entire sleep-outside-and-under-the-stars experience with their “Next Level” camping package. No longer the stuff of dreams, Tensile tents and hammocks will literally suspend your mind and body in nature. We know first hand that only good comes through a pause and appreciation of the natural world. Experience it in robust, musical form at Euphoria's Tentsile commune.

3. Mindful Musical Artist Highlight

There is a strong streak of especially mindful artists available throughout Euphoria’s lineup. Electronic acts like Tycho and Above & Beyond are sure to trance listeners into a state of slight transcendence. Instrumental acts like Nahko & Medicine for the People will place viewers in the center of cosmic celebration. It’s inspiring to see the community that forms around these kinds of acts. Their art offers suspension within certain moments of beauty and belief.

4. Eco Friendly Highlight

Euphoria has placed ecozoic principles at the center of the operations and we are all better off because of it. In conjunction with the 5th anniversary of the festival, Euphoria has broadened its efforts to give back and build a community that goes beyond the music, including a partnership with Keep Austin Beautiful. This two-year alliance includes the adoption of Carson Creek that runs along the festival Ranch and five river clean ups throughout the year.

Additionally, Euphoria will be active in the organization's Clean Sweep event on the morning of April 9th, inviting campers to take part in leaving Austin in better shape than when they first arrived. Held every April, Clean Sweep is a city-wide service day spanning 130+ sites in 31 zip codes throughout Austin, resulting in over 29 tons of trash removed by more than 4,000 volunteers who contribute 8,700 combined service hours.

To save energy, Euphoria teamed up with Bus To Show, Inc. to provide free bus shuttling to and from the festival from West Campus and downtown Austin.

5. Eclectic Collection of Music styles

Let’s dive into the music. Euphoria presents its patrons with a polysymphonic array of offerings. Instrumental jam bands like STS9 and Lettuce are sure to make you groove and move. World class hip hop acts like Juicy J and Waka Flocka Flame will bring the hype and hooks. Progressive dance artist like future funk Griz, tropical house Klingarde, deep house Shiba San, big room moombahton electro house Dillon Francis all but guarantee there will always be an active dance floor. And then there’s what we’ll call the electronic euphoria acts like Jai Wolf, SNBRN, and Wave Racer, whose uplifting synths and playful beats lift you into a childlike state of joyful wonder.

Let’s not forget about Bassnectar, whose music can only be described as... well, bassnectar. If you haven’t experienced one yet, make sure to tap into this musical phenom’s world if you get the chance.

| Explore Full Lineup Here |

6. Fresh Festival Community Culture 

There is a certain kind of refresh found in festival. Normal life quickly fades away and what emerges to replace it is nothing short of amazing. It is, of course, a result of the individuals, who travel from all over the country to share an experience with mostly strangers. These individuals, in their endless variety, will make you smile, excited, perplexed, and stunned at the creative character of nature as expressed through our fellow humans. 

A music festival, when done right, can create a temporary looking glass into the chaotic beauty of nature. Across this chaos, you can watch and feel harmony emanate in all directions. This is expressed through music and results in a creative and communal movement within society. And with a three dimension soundtrack to boot. Our next stop in this traveling circus is Austin, TX for Euphoria Musical Festival and we hope to meet you there 

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