Year Round Hammock Party: Seven Ways to HANG

Hammocks are a great way to enjoy being outside. With a hammock, you can easily set up in a variety of places & ways within a minimal amount of time. There are a million combinations and ways to get creative with your hangs and these are just the beginning! If you're so inspired by this post, show us how you #hang on twitter @Fayettechill.

Standard hang

After a long hike on a trail or trek up a mountain (or really whenever), what better way to soak in the view and reflect on the hike than cozying up in a hammock. A 2-minute setup time can pay hours worth of rest and reflection. For this comfortable way to enjoy a view, all you need is a hammock, straps, and a couple of trees or posts to hang between. The standard hang is perfect for one or two people to hang out.

Balcony hang

If your house has a balcony or a fence, hang a hammock from the pillars of the balcony or the supports of the fence to create your own space outside. This hang allows a comfy place to catch up on some reading or just get some time to yourself outside while remaining close to home.

Swing hang

Rather than a conventional horizontal hang that goes between two trees, enjoy the outside by turning your hammock into that rocking chair you’ve always wanted. To get the swing hang, loop your straps over a horizontal tree branch in such a way that the straps hang down vertically. From there, attach your hammock and boom, a way to sit back, relax and enjoy the outdoors. This hang will allow you to rock back and forth as you chill and survey the lands in front of you.

Hammock stack

Gather your chillest friends with hammocks and find a nice sturdy tree to hang your hammocks to, and start stacking. Hang the bottom hammock a reasonable height off the ground, and hang the other hammocks just above it on the same pair of trees. Then hop in and enjoy the view from the top while you socialize and hammock with your friends. Hammock stacks will literally raise your hammock game to new heights and in a practical sense provide a way for several people to hammock camp if trees are sparse.

Car frame hang

If you find yourself in a place with little to no trees, but there are a couple cars in your group, there are several ways to hang a hammock from your car. This method works best with a truck, open top vehicle, or (as seen here) a car (Subaru) with a rack on top. For open tops, secure your straps to the roll cage and a nearby tree or other car and hang away. For trucks you can attach your straps to the hooks inside your truck bed, and with a car with a roof rack simply secure your hammock between that and another tree/car/roof rack.

Bed frame hang

If you are the owner of a lofted bed or bunk beds, this one's for you! First make sure the supports of your bed are sturdy enough to support a person being suspended from them. If in the clear, with a bit of creative thinking you can hang your hammock below your bed frame as long as it's lofted high enough. Wrap your straps securely around opposite corners of your bed frame, and connect your hammock to the straps. The next time you’re craving adventure but can’t get out for whatever reason, grab a sleeping bag, hang your hammock, and make your own adventure inside the comfort of home. 

Hammock camping

With the right gear, you don’t even need a tent to stay the night outside. Kammok and Fayettechill have combined to create the ultimate hammock (available for purchase soon!), and with some Fayettechill layers, a Kammok Dragonfly bug net, and a Firebelly blanket or Thylacine sleeping bag to line your hammock, hanging becomes the quickest and easiest way to spend the night outdoors. No need to haul any heavy chairs or take up space in your pack with pillows. Hammock camping defines efficiency and simplicity, not to mention the fact that you will no longer need to lug around a sleeping pad for hard ground.

This list is merely a basis for getting started, hammocks are an incredible way to suspend yourself in nature. Kammok’s motto to “equip and inspire for life changing adventure” combined with Fayettechill’s encouragement to take a second to look around at the beauty that surrounds you is a perfect combination to simply dwell outside and create your own adventure, so gather your gear and your friends, and show us how you #Fayettechill.

Photos by @pdodsonphoto | @thejeffrose | @rushurschel | @samjmatthews

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