Meet Our Team: FC Creative Photographer Rush Urschel

Words & photos by Rush Urschel |

Heyo Fayettefam! 

My name is Rush Urschel | I’m a happy camper

For me, cultivating the creative heart is worth working towards every day of my life. Not everyday will be spent above the trees at the top of a mountain, so breathe into the moments between peaks. Bask yourself in the greatness that the outdoors radiates through the simple things that will warm your hands and your heart.

My every thought has been captivated by Nature’s ever-changing beauty. I race the sun to its rise and chase sunsets to capture time through glass. Openness to experience clears the path, and collective passion fuels the adventure.

In 2014 with fall in full flourish, I started with Fayettechill Mountain Co. Since then, I have been on a the ride of a lifetime. With my camera and ukulele in hand, I've headed West by rail to sing songs with other travelers from overseas. I've shared dreams and exchanged kind words with like-minded lovers of the light. With kin, I've spun with the stars on rocky beaches, @joe_dirtbag’s chromatic tunes lighting the sandy path. There is always an escape when you know the outdoors, and for that FC, I thank you sincerely.


 There is community outside, so get out there and release your primal spirit.

I would not be where I am, have gone to the place I've been, or shot the things I have if it weren't for Fayettechill & the complete manifestation of everything that draws me outdoors.

A recent early morning adventure led me and an FC crew into a tucked away northern cove of Oklahoma, into a state park known as The Great Salt Plains. It's home to a lake and 60 miles of Salt Plains.

The plan was simple; leave Saturday morning at 2a to catch the sunrise 4h away. Get there by sunrise, get there by sunrise, get there by sunrise. In a solar race against the universe, pleiades guided the Subaru through night just in time to soak in the sodium while the sun danced on the horizon.

Many adventures under my belt and many more to come. Here's some of my favorite shots from the past year & a half...

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