Black Friday Bonus Bundles

We are about community to our core and we wanted to make sure that this year’s Holiday deals centered around sharing with others - so we imagineered the Bonus Bundle. From Thanksgiving until Monday, November 30th, we’ll be running a series of specials in which most online orders will receive a bonus item* with their purchase. We figure if you are buying something for yourself, you can gift the bonus to a friend or family member and share the Fayettechill love. If you are purchasing presents for others, the bonus can serve as a little present to you. Either way, everyone wins. Here's the codes: 


$25 - Free Sticker Pack with all orders over $25 using promo code BLACKSTICKER

$50 - Free Hat or Beanie with all orders over $50 using promo code BLACKHAT

$100 - Free Long Sleeve Tee Shirt with all orders over $100 using promo code BLACKSLEEVE 

$200 - Free Button-Down Flannel or Pullover Sweater with all orders over $200 using promo code BLACKLAYER 

$300 - Free Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack with all orders over $300 using promo code BLACKPACK


*Only one bonus item per order. Customers may opt for a bonus item in a lower tier, but are limited to a single item. If you are interested in placing a larger order, but would like two or more bonus items instead of a single one, simply place multiple orders with respect to your desired bonuses. For example, if you are spending over $200 but would like two long sleeves instead of a pullover sweater, place two $100 orders, adding the one long sleeve to each $100 order. If you only place one $200 order, you will only have the option for a single bonus item. Free shipping on all orders $50.


$25 - Sticker Pack ($10 value)

Throw it back to how it all began, a single sticker sending out good vibes and unifying messages. Spend $25 or more this holiday weekend and we'll send you a four-pack of premium die cut Fayettechill stickers. Add to it to the cart of any above $25 order and use online code BLACKSTICKER to redeem.


$50 - Beanie or Hat ($28 value)

We're excited to share our latest and greatest collection of Fall | Winter '15 hats and beanies with you. Both our beanies and hats have reached new heights of quality and specialization that are sure to create and extra laid back experience. Available as a free Bonus Bundle on all orders over $50 with online code BLACKHAT.

$100 - Long sleeve tee shirt ($44 value)

Enjoy Fayettechill in its most comfortably classic form. Spend over $100 this holiday weekend and you'll have your choice of available long sleeve tees from the Fall | Winter '15 collection. Just add your shirt of choice to your order once you've past $100 and use online code BLACKSHIRT

$200 - Button-Down or Pullover Sweater ($70 value)

Over the last few years we've grown to produce a variety of ultra comfortable, outdoor ready button-down flannels and pullover sweaters. If you haven't had the chance to try on one for yourself, now's the time. All orders over $200 this holiday weekend will have the option to receive a free button-down flannel or pullover sweater of their choice. Use online code BLACKLAYER to redeem. 

$300 - Journeyman Dry Bag Backpack ($140 value) 

The Journeyman Backpack is Fayettechill's debut in the technical gear game. After spending the better part of a year designing and testing our latest project, the Journeyman Backpack is here and ready to help you out on your next adventure, whether it be walking around the city or a rainy hike out in the mountains. This water-proof main compartment will protect your items from the wettest of environments, all while feeling fresh and mobile while you're at it. Spend over $300 this holiday weekend and its yours for free using online code BLACKPACK.


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