Fayettechill x George's Majestic Lounge

Fayettechill x George's Majestic Lounge

Fayettechill is an organic lifestyle brand, a company composed of natural inspirations and passion-fueled ambitions. At once, we found ourselves to be understood by most as something that represented the collegiate, young adult lifestyle. Quickly, we evolved in both our personal and the public’s understanding of our identity as we grew into an enterprise that seeks to remind, inspire, and engrain value in the outdoors. As we grow our outdoor identity and continue to clarify and communicate our primary message - when you suspend yourself in nature, good things happen - we are finding there are a number of natural, nontraditional means to express our passions in the outdoor industry.

A common unifying factor between all the employees at the Smokehouse and Basecamp is a strong passion for music. From day one, the air at the office has been filled with musical harmonies. Some of my favorite memories during Fayettechill creative retreats have been evenings filled with wine and evening jam sessions around the campfire. Music, like Fayettechill, is a force that connects the dots. It fills the empty space between the words with impressions that give true insight into the beautiful balance of this universe we find ourselves. As a pure expression of passion, music brings strangers and friends together alike, gives community countless events to build and bond around, and simply put, is necessary for a truly turn up time.

In recognition of power behind the passion of music, and perhaps as simply an extension of our own love for live music, we have created a partnership with live music legends of Fayetteville, George’s Majestic Lounge. Dubbed as the “King of Dickson since 1927,” George’s really has ascended to regal status in the city of Fayetteville. Offering a variety of music centered around bluegrass, country, classic rock, indie rock, and progressive electronic jams, the air is often filled on Dickson with the percussions of George’s performances. These acts offer the people of Northwest Arkansas a chance to unwind, cut loose, and tap into the ethereal elements that come along with getting lost in dance. And we are better because of it.

Starting in 2014, we began to produce a number of shows with the production company, Beatnik, with the goal to contribute to the frequency and variety of musical moments in Fayetteville. Since this partnership has begun, we’ve produced back to school bashes with Herobust, intimate solo sets with progressive indie acts like Tiny Deaths, and have hosted ticket giveaways at the Basecamp retail store for larger acts like Yonder Mountain String Band, Cherub, STS9, Moon Taxi, and Elephant Revival. Everyone once and a while, you’ll even see a meet-n-greet on The Couch at Basecamp up the street from George’s. With your support, we are looking forward to progressing our relationship with the musical community and using our platform as a community orientated company to bridge the gap between fan and performer. 

The Floozies on The Couch at Basecamp with FC Artist, Joelle Storet. 


Sold-out Back to School Bash with Herobust

To celebrate our most enjoyable partnership with George’s Majestic, we have produced a limited edition Fayettechill x George’s Majestic Lounge tee, available in both black and white. The shirt features the classic “King of Dickson” George’s logo on an alway high quality organic cotton Fayettechill tee. We can all but guarantee that good vibes will follow after you throw it on and wander the world.

The community that this collaboration represents is as an important as the article of clothing in itself. This collaboration represents a recognition that we value the laid back lifestyle, one that lends itself to opportunities to unwind and enjoy the rhymes and rhythms of nature. We hope it reminds you to follow the beat implicitly found in the outdoors, and to find a cadence in your lifestyle that supports an adventure filled existence.

More than anything, we hope it helps you share your love and pride for George’s Majestic Lounge. The cultural impression that George’s Majestic Lounge has made on not just Northwest Arkansas, but the national music scene, is truly incredible. We are stoked on this opportunity to create culture with George’s and don’t plan on putting away the banjos or dancing shoes any time soon.

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