The Hammock Hotel: An Eco-Friendly & Communal Space Opens in Wilson Park

Frequent park-goers now have a new space to relax and enjoy nature, all amongst the community of other easy-going hammockers. Officially opening on September 12, the Wilson Park Hammock Hotel is the brain child of Girl Scouts Troop 5114.

Driven by the hope to add a communal and more eco-friendly space for hammocking, the Girl Scouts began construction of the hammock hotel this summer. All age 11, this ambitious project was supported by a unanimous vote by members of the Parks and Rec Advisory Board as well as by funds from local hardware stores.

Seven wooden posts, mounted in concrete 5' below ground, make up the hammock hotel space. Each post lies 14' from the next, creating a pentagonal shape, and is adorned with a hook that makes for quick and easy hammock mounting. The space can hold up to 12 hammocks.

The Girl Scouts came up with the idea in efforts to complete their yearly community project and to win the Bronze Award, the highest possible honor for a Girl Scout. Further, they hoped their project would create a space that would bring members of the community together. 

"The population of hammock users is diverse," says troop leader, Kristina Smith. "It will encourage interaction between people hanging in considerably close proximity. It only takes a few hammocks to make it a group hang experience. Once people are in that group together, they are no longer strangers."

The project had another motive as well--to protect the trees within Wilson Park. 

"Using the posts will enable the trees to recover while still offering an enjoyable location to hang," says Karen Smith, one of the Girl Scouts involved. 

Though construction of the hammock hotel is complete, members of the community can still support the effort by attending the Hammock Hotel Grand Opening, from 10am - 12pm on Saturday, September 12. Celebration will be for the new communal space, and local outfitters will be on site, demonstrating their products. Fayettechill will hang kammocks for demo. Mayor Lioneld Jordan will be in attendance to dedicate the site. Refreshments, give aways, and door prizes will be plentiful. 

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