FC Sunrise Yoga: A Chance to Transition Into Fall

FC Yoga Adventure Series Presents: 

Sunrise Yoga # 7, September 4th, 2015

Deets: Arrive at FC Basecamp at 5:45 am. We will then caravan toward a secret location in the Ozark hills to practice an hour of yoga, taught by a Yoga Deza instructor, backdropped by a September sunrise. Sign up beforehand: $35 with shirt, $20 without shirt.

As chillier temperatures sweep in, you may have noticed more than just a wardrobe change. Autumn, a season ruled by the elements of air and space, brings us uplifted energy-- which can manifest as both creativity and anxiety within our bodies. If we aren't careful, this change can leave us out of balance, stirred up, in our heads, and over stimulated. However, if we remain present with the changes of the season, we notice the natural pattern: leaves fall to the ground at the onset of thick, dry winds.

How can we apply this pattern to ourselves? In mimicking the falling of leaves, allow your body to also ground down. Balance the quick changes and airiness of the fall, by introducing more stillness and implementing a daily routine that helps you stay centered. The stillness of the mornings offer us a perfect chance to begin working toward our goals and allows us to stay focused through the day. In addition, by practicing yoga (or other intentional movement) steady breathing, and grounding postures, we are more able to stay rooted in our bodies, rather than getting swept away and stuck in our minds. 

This month's sunrise yoga will be a special one: we will join with community to practice intentional movement via yoga amongst the quickly transitioning Ozark hills. All levels are welcome and we invite practitioners to use this Friday sunrise class as a step toward implementing routine into the approaching fall months. Practicing outside, directly over the earth, will offer the perfect way to practice grounding as well as help jumpstart a morning routine that will help you excel through all of fall ❀


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