This Week in Basecamp 002: Fall Fabrics

Temperatures are dropping, the football rumor mill is warming up, and students are back in class. Yeah, fall is approaching in full force. As we enter the months ending in -er, we’ve brought in our latest collection of sleeved shirts, flannels, and sweaters. 

All the Feels

It’s tough to nail down what makes a Fayettechill clothing piece touch the hearts of our customers, but we know that when our customers physically touch our product for the first, tenth, or sixtieth time, something magical happens. The fabric touches back, and the feels are set free.

Using 100% organic cotton for our long sleeves is something we feel is right for the season. It’s softer than clouds, as warm as a hug, and holds it’s own on the mountainside. After a lightweight summer blend, the heavier fabrics provide a nice contrast. 

Fall Line Fabric Specifics

If you look closely at the Flint flannel, or extend your hand and grab on to it, you’ll notice it’s a bit different than the Sante Fe and Commander. The Flint is our tech flannel - 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Created to throw over any shirt for extra warmth while bombing hills on mountain bikes, hiking into the twilight, or resting comfortably anywhere you can imagine--  it’s a Fayettechill must-have.

Then, run your fingers through our Fall hat section and you’ll find ripstop nylon, corduroy, washed canvas, mesh, and more. We don’t just limit innovative fabrics to our tops, we spread it through all of our products. 

Swing by our section of Free Fly clothing, and let this fabric flow over your fingers. Made from a bamboo viscose and polyester blend, you’ll quickly realize why this is a favorite. From fly fishers to yogis alike, it wicks moisture, fights odors, and feels so damn good

Other Notable Feel-Goods  

Clothing aside, we've made certain to that we're proud of what goes into all of our products. Our Silipint drink ware are 100% silicon, and our One Loom camera straps are sustainably woven in Guatemala. Our versatile Mayde towels and blankets are from turkish cotton and bamboo, and our locally made beauty products include (but are not limited to) products you can be proud of: beeswax, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and pine tar extract.

I guess what we're trying to say, is next time you’re in the store, we want to extend the invite to shop with more than your eyes. Make your experience come alive in more ways than one, it’s what we want. 

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