FC Athlete David Powell Opens Up

Meet David Powell: Fayettechill athlete, globe trotter, and climber. Each month he will be checking in to give us the DL on what’s going on in his universe. Happy reading!

Mike check one two, one two. 

To belly flop into the meet and greet, here’s a few things about me:

  1. I’ve lived in Memphis, Fayetteville, Rome, Boulder, and Seattle

  2. I love being active and outside—climbing is my favorite.

  3. I believe you should eat a good breakfast every chance you get and pizza can be lumped into this; every meal is not too often.

  4. Instead of a New Year’s Resolution I rededicate myself each year to the people and endeavors in my life. I set goals to give my best to these things.

  5. I’ve already "retired" twice, both times leaving career paths to live more fully—to climb, photograph, travel, write, nanny, read, etc. etc.

  6. The longest I’ve gone without a shower is 40 days.

  7. My first karaoke song was my last.

  8. Nothing beats an adventure, especially when it includes road tripping. Which brings me to my last point, I’m always searching for “can’t miss” things to do/see and places to visit. Any suggestions?

  9. Personal travel faves include, in no particular order:

Childhood and Woo Pig Sooiee

I grew up in a southern city in a modest home—nothing out of the ordinary. My parents did an impeccable job with me and my brother, Jason, who was and is my best friend. We always played together and against each other. The countless hours wove us tightly together. I always wanted him there and felt like I was better if we were on the same side; I still have that feeling today. 

I first moved to Fayetteville when I was 18 for architecture school. I honestly knew nothing about the town. A lot’s changed since I first arrived. There has always been an immense pride in Fayetteville for the Razorbacks and for the town in general. That has grown in leaps and bounds with the University's improvements. The advancement of technology has made the world a smaller place and that's been huge for ideas and groups gaining traction. Remember life before Facebook, Twitter, and reality shows? Now we have tons of people sharing life-changing ideas, cultural movements, and pushing for progress throughout the world just like in Fayetteville. 

Even reminiscing for a few minutes gives me all “the feels,” as they say. These poignant memories of Fayetteville receive a new layer every time I return for climbing, building a deeper understanding of why the Ozarks are such a treasure and why they have such a drawing force. It’s through the experiences, the people, the possibility, and the land that they mingle effortlessly to achieve a euphoria I will always seek.

 Eventually I earned my degree, and, yes, it is correct to say that I earned it. Architecture school was tough and was one of the defining moments thus far in my life. It literally took everything of me all the time. However, I’m not sure I would've been able to appreciate college or Fayetteville the same without the hardships of architecture school. 

New Places, New Adventures, and the Next Chapter

I visited Boulder, CO, during the summer before my last year of college. The plan was to beat the heat after my recent semester in Rome. Jason and I figured it’d be a great 10 days to explore the CO climbing. We jumped in the car, used an atlas, and that was the beginning of the end. We loved it! It was my first time being surrounded by people who were truly passionate and had their priorities adjusted in ways I didn't yet understand. People would set their lives up to do exactly what was important to them. 

After my crazy last year in school, I applied to every firm in Boulder because that’s what I thought I should do. Nothing happened and I didn't have the initiative like my back was against a wall so strangely enough, I ended up in retail. After four months I was over retail—it wasn't why I finished college. I wanted to finish my architecture portfolio and try again. Then the housing market crashed and hundreds of architects lost their jobs in just a few months. So I bought a camera packed a few things into my Camry and hit the road not knowing where it would lead me. People always say you remember your first of something. Six months and 14,000 miles later, this was certainly one for the books. I visited so many new places; sometimes with old friends, sometimes rendezvousing with new friends, and even alone for a lot of it. It time taught me to eliminate overhead and make space for anything or anyone that might come into my life. It was incredible!

Climbing has been a huge driving force in my adult life. From the people to the places and the relationships, so much of my life revolves around it. It's helped polish who I am today and reinforced priorities. It gives me purpose and functions as a creative outlet. I've started relationships with companies like Fayettechill because of it. The relationships begin with people, ideas, and products I support and come full circle with a working partnership. I may have a different approach to life, but it makes me happy and I think people should find that for themselves.

This summer I committed to the next adventure—living in Seattle, WA! It was tough leaving Boulder just like it was tough leaving Fayetteville, but I've already got my next trip to both in the books. I'll be sharing my adventures as they come via words, pictures, videos, and recommendations. I've met some of you already along the way and would jump at the chance to make a new friend. So stop by the Basecamp on Dickson St. / FC blog and @powelldavidm on IG to follow along. See you soon! 

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