Ozark, AR’s Highberry Fest: A Music Festival Unlike the Rest

In 2010 Chris Anderson and Jon Walker teamed up to create a two-day private party for their friends and family. What started as a small, ranch-property gathering, quickly escalated into an Arkansas original Ozark festival. Laced with heart-driven musical vibes and, as the event curators describe it, “a beautiful event full of beautiful people,” this festival will be sure to reconnect you with the land and remind you of your Arkansas roots.

Taking place July 2nd through 5th, the Highberry Festival will fill the already idyllic hills of Ozark, AR with positive vibes and creativity. From the looks of the schedule, it seems to be an event that will push the boundaries and set precedents for other, larger festivals in the area.

Highberry Festival will include more than just music. Hands on workshops teaching tie dyeing, hoop construction, Thai massage, shrine creation, etc., will be held throughout the festival. Yoga classes—both for kids and adults—will take place, several times per day. Informative workshops discussing essential oils and the art of papermaking will also be included. To keep the vibes flowing all through the weekend, the final day of the festival will include a community breakfast and a clothing swap.

For all you music die-hards, don’t you worry—the festival has got you more than covered. From early afternoon into the wee hours of the morning, tunes will be a’rollin.  Major headliners will include The Schwag, a Grateful Dead tribute band, Railroad Earth, a six piece bluegrass(ish?) band that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries, and Keller Williams, a one-man band singer-song writer.

For all wishing to join in exploration with your community over the holiday weekend, you couldn’t find a better place to do so. What started as a grass roots project has evolved into an experience of expression, experimentation, and creation. Day passes and full weekend tickets will be sold at the gates of the Byrds Adventure Center.

For more information, or for the full schedule, check out highberryfestival.com or the Highberry Festival facebook page. And for all you fellow free spirits, I hope to see you barefoot in the Highberry Hills, celebrating The Fourth right.

Photography provide by Jamie Seed and Melting Point Productions


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