OORC Weekend Adventures

If you are looking for something to do this weekend OORC is supporting two events this weekend, Saturday - May 30th

OORC has created the Master Plan for a 3 mile trail system at Vandergriff and McNair School Campus, Come help get this project off to a good start by assisting an Eagle Scout Project and the students and families of these schools. The trail has evolved into a large-scale program to provide a place for students to ride bicycles during PE classes as well an outdoor area for classes studying nature. The trail will be used exclusively by students during the day, but it will be open to the public after school hours.

Assistance for the project is being provided by Ozark Off Road Cyclists and Progressive Trail Designs.

Meet on the west side of Vandergriff Elementary in the Victory Garden at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 30th. We will be spending the day clearing honeysuckle bushes to achieve sightline, and preparing the area for trail construction. Participants may work for as long as they’d like, and are encouraged to bring water, work gloves, and insect repellant. Other items that will be useful (but not mandatory) are shovels, wheelbarrows, loppers, and pick axes.


Come breath that fresh Upper Buffalo Trail air as OORC will be hosting rides at this years June Bug Jam!

Come on out and for $20 get your entry to the June Bug Jam, an evening meal and the opportunity to revisit The Buffalo Headwaters Challenge in the Spring! Proceeds will benefit the Headwater’s School. We have 5 routes Planned... Rated From Friendly to Hard as heck. Three routes are designated as peaceful pace and two routes are designated as give it all you got. Just remember to save some energy and strength for the music later that night. Getting a random cramp might create a new dance move out there.

Sign in time: 10:00 to 11:30 at Headwaters School

Ride Start time: Noon.

Ride 1 Family Fun Ride:  Kate --- Ride down Tower and then back up.      

Ride 2:  Adventuresome ride at a peaceful pace: Lewie and Company --- Start Location:  Fire Tower Trail (Up by the big Fire Tower) ---- Ride Fire Tower down to the bottom(26B). Then go over to inside part of south bench(26,24,23,22,21,10,11, 12,14) over Zeester drop down to Buffalo Creek trial to red star trail and then road down to school. This could combine with Ride 3.  Both are enjoyable paces.   

Ride 3 (A little flavor of the headwaters at a soothing pace): Perry/David --- Start Location: Fire Tower Trail (Up by the big Fire Tower)  down the Tower, up the bottom 1/2 of Azalea Falls, across the South Bench, up the Ancients all the way to the top of the Zeester, down the Zeester, up the Buffalo Creek trail, up the Red Star trail and back to school.  David is considering tweaking the route and riding all the way to the top of Azalea Falls then to the top of the Zeester.

Ride 4: (Nice intermediate ride with the heart of the UBHTs Azalea Falls)  John Sage/Fink --- Buffalo Creek, Zeester, Azalea Falls Trail, Outside loop of South bench, Down Southern Slide , Buffalo Creek (if parked at trailhead keep on BC) Redstar trail back down to school .

Ride 5(Challenging):  Modified Half .   Nate --- Instead of doing twisted hickory would go BC all the way to Zeester and up.  (Nate if work permits and unsupported if not.) 

Plan is to park at Headwaters School and then bike to trail head for start.

Will have limited shuttle service to trailhead.  For more ride information check following link to the FB event page :June Bug Jam 2015 - OORC Frolic&Ride

Post ride events for the June Bug Jam will kick off at 3:00pm. Enjoy an evening of music under the stars with Tyrannosaurus Chicken & Cutty Rye, local foods & desserts, raffles, games and FREE camping. No pets please. For more event information check the following link to the JBJ FB page:  June Bug Jam

Hope to see you all out on the trail one way or the other despite all the rain we've been getting. Please do keep in mind that riding soggy wet trails destroys trails. Use wise discretion when riding trails that are wet. If you see that you're bike is leaving an imprint or rut in the dirt the trail is too wet. If you see problem areas or trees down please post a picture to our FB page or email us with the name of the trail you were on and what section and the date.

Happy Trails to you all!

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