1970s Inspired Women's Collection: Behind the Tees

"What do you think about putting my art on one of y'all's tees?"

Raney von Gremp, a longtime staple to the Fayetteville creative scene, first proposed this question to us at the end of 2016. Several years had gone by and a question had been looming amongst our team: how do we make a shift toward creating clothing for the Fayettechill woman? The women who seem to engage with our lifestyle are ones of adventure and creativity, women that take risks and wish to send cares sailing. 

So when she proposed this question to us, it was well overdue. Everything clicked--Raney's art was the perfect vehicle in which we'd be able to deliver our female audience exactly what they'd been asking for. Raney's art, a perfect play of shapes and color, is both feminine and risky.

Fast forward four months and the vision has been turned into reality: we are overjoyed to announce our first limited collection of all women's tees. And to pair with such an exciting release, we couldn't help but produce Fayettechill's first all women's photo shoot. One female photographer. Two female producers. Three female models (who may as well be referred to as goddess from here on out). Everyone killed it. The shoot was creatively collaborative and empowering to all involved.

Take a scroll through our shoots, featuring our new Camp Collection trio of tees throughout Fayetteville's most iconic locales. Deepest gratitude to everyone who worked to make these tees a reality. 


Models / Goddesses: Chloe Bell, Claire Taylor, Georgia Gazette 
Vision / Producers: Raney von Gremp, Ashleigh Rose
Photography: Tate Cagle
Locations: FC Basecamp, Block St. Records, Sit & Spin, Wilson Park, Fayetteville airstream, friend's rope swing, The Pink House

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