New Summer Blends and Beyond

Summer is here, and with it we are proud to announce several new blends totally unique to the season.  We have made our shirts lighter and better than ever, produced in the USA, and more eco-friendly as well.  Below is a quick guide through the initiatives we have focused on this year, and what it all means.

Mountain Club - Harvard

Many of the shirts this line have a brand new 50% organic cotton 50% recycled polyester blend that is as soft as any shirt can get.  Others use a 90/10 favoring organic cotton for a more sturdy feel, and these details are always available on any item’s product info.  Not limited to shirts, our tank tops now feature the same lightness so crucial in Summer as well.

Horizon Bear - Charcoal

We are beyond excited to announce that all of our shirts, tank tops, and women’s products in this line were made in the USA.  We strive to work with American suppliers with every product, and enjoy the many benefits of doing so listed here.  So take comfort in knowing that with every shirttank, or women’s line purchase, your money is helping support businesses across America.

Shakamerica Sticker

By using organic cotton and recycled polyester, we make a product that we are proud of not just in aesthetics, but in production ethics as well.  Supporting the organic cotton farming industry helps us build a brand based on environmental sustainability rather than just raw profit.  Recycled polyester comes from items such as plastic bottles, and offers the highest quality product with no moral strings attached.

Mountain Club - Prussian Blue

These products and practices reflect our core values as a brand.  We hope that by sharing them, you learned a little bit about what we stand for.  If you ever have any questions about how our products are made, the lines of communication are always open through emailing, or messaging us on our facebook page.

Dead Chill - Charcoal

Observatory - Black | Tejano Hat - Blue

Kayak Cub - Yellow Sand

Our entire selection for this Summer and more is available here.  Quantities are limited however, so be sure to snag your favorite style while they remain in stock.

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