The Fox behind Fayettechill

Allison Fox is a designer based out of Santa Barbara, California who has worked closely with the Fayettechill in house production team to create our Summer’s Women Line.  She’s worked with successful name brands such as Neft headwear, and specializes in high end women’s wear.  Allison provided key insight for Fayettechill Women’s Line, and we’re proud to present the result.

FC - How did you get involved with Fayettechill?

A - Oddly enough I ran into Chris Woollis (FC production team) at a coffee shop in our hometown, Santa Barbara, and out of catching up on life, travels, and our respective projects, a collaboration emerged.

FC - What were your goals setting out?

A - I set out to create a line which fuses Fayettechill’s strengths of impeccable fabric, make, with contemporary silhouettes and playful graphics.

Raglan Tee - Coral and Stellar Blue

FC - What general feel did you aim to encapsulate with these new products?  

A - The playful spirit of the brand, and versatility of the product. My vision of the women’s customer is radiant, spirited, and adventurous. The product aims to reflect that, and be the perfect accomplice piece for her adventures.

Racerback Tank - Coral

FC - What function do you see the Racerback Tank fulfilling?

A - Besides being on trend and comfortable, it reflects the sportiness of the Fayettechill woman. It is versatile enough for yoga, and hiking, but refined enough to layer up and wear to the pub at night.

FC - There are a ton of vibrant colors in this line.  What kind of leeway does Summer gives a designer that might not be available in colder months?

A - Fayettechill utilizes color brilliantly. Naturally, the women’s line mirrors the men’s and is infused with vibrant Summer tones. There is always room for color no matter the season, but generally outerwear is the focus of winter months and a more subdued palette is used.

Boyfriend Tank - Heather Grey

FC - The art and cut of the Boyfriend are unique as well.  What makes it better suited for women over your more typical tank top?

A - This is our fun-loving edgy festival piece. Positioned as your old-favorite go to.

Brooke Shorts - Black

FC - At the other end of the spectrum, how is a more simple design like the Brooke developed?  What were your big goals for the only women’s specific bottom product

A - The design simplicity of Brooke is very much intentional. This is a beautifully constructed hybrid short intended for all activities.  It’s a 4- way stretch polyester.  This quick dry material is designed for maximum flexibility to allow comfort and functionality.

Raglan Tee - Bluejay

FC - How did you go about finding that balance between fashionable and practical with all these?

A - We studied the market, trends, and then used the brand values to reign it in and make sure it was equally functional as aesthetically pleasing.

FC - What are you looking to add in the coming lines?

A - I’d like to see the line expand on the foundation we’ve built, adding more hybrid styles and growing outerwear and accessories.

FC - Favorite piece of this line?

A - This season the boyfriend tank resonates with me most. It is an edgier silhouette, highly functional, and fun.

Check out the entire Women’s line here nowand the rest of the Spring Summer Collection!


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