White After Memorial Day: The Artists Behind Fayettechill's New White Tees

Finally! The time of year has come to wear white. In celebration of Memorial Day & its new fashion guidelines, we're releasing three brand new, all white tees. Each designed by a different artist from around the world, we took this late Spring release as a chance to better get to know the artists behind our new designs.

Artist: Will Bryant, designer of Electric Forest

Home base: Austin, TX

Fayettechill Involvement: Graphic artist of the Electric Forest white tee, my take on Fayettechill. 





Current Projects: I am currently redesigning the packaging and freshening up the branding for Bearded Brothers, an Austin based snack food company. I did the original work way back when, and we’re trying to bring it up to date. 

Creative Influence: Looney Tunes and basketball (so basically Space Jam) have influenced me since childhood. I also pay attention to pop culture, art history, fashion, urban landscapes, bowling alley carpets, clip art, and dad jokes. 

Tell us a little about yourself? I grew up in east Texas playing sports, trying to standout while trying to fit in, and occasionally making stuff. For the past 8 years I’ve worked full time as an illustrator/graphic designer. I’ve tried to position myself more as a artist for hire that is fun, approachable, and easy to work with. I often collaborate with brands on promotional projects, apparel, editorial illustration, packaging, visual identities, and also have strong desire to make more gallery work. The work is exuberant, slightly irreverent at times, struggles to be critical, and 95% of time is wacky/goofy/playful.   

How you started? I suppose I can recall some important moments in my childhood that contributed, but undergrad at Mississippi State is where things really clicked. I met some influential professors and started DJing ridiculously themed parties where I would do installations and make merch for each show (i.e. “Sweatageddon, the sweat that ends all sweat”). That was a really important time for me creatively. It helped shaped my voice, experiment with style, and diverse my interests. 

Favorite way to enjoy the outdoors: If I’m outside I’d like to be eating or drinking or both. Now that I’m back in Austin you can add sweating to that list. Since I was a kid I’ve always played basketball and I finally have my own driveway setup, so I try to get up some shots everyday. Good for the mind. I also really enjoy fly-fishing, hiking (walking through nature at a reasonable pace), and lounging in bodies of water. Most recently I’ve decided to be into mowing my yard. Before now, I wanted to pay someone else or just not care, but I have a new perspective and just ordered a palm leaf hat to help me get into it. Look good, mow good. 

Artist: Simon Pirini, designer of Roll Cast

Home base: South coast of NSW, Australia

Fayettechill Involvement: Artist of the Roll Cast white tee, inspired by watercolors & Matisse.


Creative influence: nostalgia, cartoons, hamburgers, saltwater, and a good laugh.

Favorite way to enjoy the outdoors: Getting out for a quick, cheeky surf. I need to get in the water at at least once a day regardless of the conditions just because it refreshes and energizes me.

Current projects: I'm working on some artwork for skateboard decks and planning to build a small production company with my brother.


We can't wait to see everyone repping white after Memorial Day in our newest collection of white tees. To keep in alignment with the fashion rule, these tees will be released the day after Memorial Day. Pre-order now for quickest arrival & best selection! 


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