Wabi Sabi Spring

Fayettechill is proud to produce, in partnership with Vibes Creation Co, Wabi Sabi Spring at George's Majestic Lounge on June 16th, 2016.  

Welcome to Wabi Sabi Spring, a place where the world - as is - will be celebrated. We come to collect with all those inspired by finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting peacefully the natural cycle of growth and decay. Celebrate the natural imperfections of life with us through visual and musical art as we wind down Spring and put the season to rest. 

Music - Wabi Sabi Spring is centered around a dance floor, a space known around the world as a crucible of change. The movements between each beat, note, and song flow together and across the crowd and into their bodies, hands, and feet. The aim is to celebrate the dance floor's nature and to cultivate its energy in a most raw form. 

Six local DJs and producers will be directing the evening's energy, all inspired by the ethos of Wabi Sabi. We hope to show love to these locals artists - many who, overtime, have become understood as commonplace to our social scene. The purpose of this event is to celebrate their sensational selfs, show their art in a new light, and collectively create a new form of energy out of something old.

The evening will be filled with back to back sets with the encouragement of sounds splash together. See the music curators you’ve grown to love in a new light. Celebrate them on a new stage, together.



~ Purp Loder ~

~ Abboriginal ~

~ Spiff ~

DJ E-Yo ~

Production Support by: Beatnik Generation

Art - The Vibes Creation Co art collective has imagined a Wabi Sabi wonderland for you to exist about in all evening. Installations to be made with recycled materials and with interactive, self generated construction as a motif. A theme of blue and white dress code is strongly encouraged with the aim for all to harmonize in simplicity with the visual vibes of the evening.

To keep up to date on all things Wabi Sabi Spring art and aesthetics, be sure to join our Facebook event page.



Tickets to Wabi Sabi Spring are available here. Group discounts available for groups four or larger (email devin@vibescreationco.com for more info). Proceeds for this event will go to the artists behind all installations and toward production of more events of a similar nature.


We hope to see you all at George's Majestic on 6.16.16


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