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Our go-to hoodie, just as soft as in years before, this time in an eco-friendly form. Embellished with Tiller logo chenille patch. 
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  • Unisex Raglan Hoodie
  • French Terry Interior
  • Standard Fit
  • Bluesign Certified Dye House in Los Anglese
  • PVC and Phthalate free
  • Made in the U.S.A.
-Smokehouse Blend - Preshrunk 80% Organic Cotton / 20% Recycled Polyester, Weight 7.5 oz
Factory: Nature USA
Los Angeles, California / Supplier Since 2012 / Full Production Factory: Sewing & Screen Printing
Family owned and operated facilities in Los Angeles, California that we have used since 2012. America’s first Fair Trade Certified factory.
Dyeing & Fibers
Screen Printing
Water-based inks, PVC and Phthalate free.
Local Manufacturing
The entire manufacturing operation takes place within an 8-mile radius. Production Waste: 100% of the fabric scraps generated during the cutting process is recycled.
Screen Printing

Customer Reviews

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Will not know until after Christmas but I know my grandchildren will like them if not I know you will exchange


Shipping was really fast and I had now problems :)

Like your clothes but way too expensive

Like your clothes but just way too expensive. Like the idea of using organic cotton and recycled products. (Didn’t know y’all did that, very cool) But your clothes are so expensive we only buy them once a year.

Hey Erin, Thanks so much for your feedback! We do our best to get our prices as low as we can while continuing to utilize the best possible materials & manufacturing. Fayettechill creates goods for the woods that are good for the woods! Designed in the Ozark Mountain Smokehouse, utilizing built-to-last & eco materials, we strive to lessen our impact on the environment with each seasonal product collection. Our initiatives include hiring local & nationally known artists, utilizing recycled polyester, hemp, & organic cotton, and producing USA-made goods whenever possible. The Smokehouse Blend, our fan favorite is an always soft, always eco blend of recycled polyester & organic cotton. Using a significantly less amount of water for production & leaving the pesticides & GMOs out of the equation, our Made in the USA Smokehouse Blend can be trusted for years of wear. Please do not hesitate to ​email us back at customerservice@​fayettechill​.com or call 844-244-6790 Monday through Friday from ​9:00 am to ​4 pm CST. My Best, Margaret Davis

Our Promise

At our 10-year mark, our commitment to quality is stronger than ever. Goods for the woods that are good for the woods. We collect and thoughtfully create eco-conscious goods that are built-to-last. We strive to lessen our impact on the environment with each seasonal product collection, including ethical manufacturing and sourcing of organic and recycled materials.

Organic Cotton

Vote for Organic Cotton. It protects natural ecosystems and nurtures the soil, versus crops treated with pesticides and chemicals that are harmful for farmers, workers, wildlife, and waterways.


We like Hemp. Its natural resistance to pests and weed-blocking dense growth requires no chemicals of any kind. It is the strongest natural fiber, naturally antimicrobial and resistant to UV.

Recycled Polyester

At our Hemp Fortex factory, we use Repreve Recycled Polyester, which uses PET from plastic water bottles as the raw material. Recycling the PET into fiber not only reduces landfill and ocean waste, it causes far less air pollution than making new PET.