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After three years of preparation and production, the TibetanTees are finally here. Support this limited edition shirt and make a statement of support and compassion toward the refugee Tibetan community.

Each shirt will make a direct donation of $15 towards the Tutors for Tibetans program. The full sales of our first 60 shirts will generate enough funds to provide tutors to two of nine Tibetan refugee camps for one year each. The remaining funds will go towards compensating the seamstresses and tailors who produced the shirt, the artist that generate the designs, and to purchase materials to make more shirts. This limited is a non-profit project for Fayettechill, we simply value being able to work with and contribute to such a beautiful, inspire culture that is so deeply connected with the natural world.


Each TibetanTee was handcraft by Tibetan seamstresses living in Dekyiling refugee Tibetan settlement in India, just north of new Delhi. The professional class sewing machine and materials used for the construction of each shirt were purchased via funds raised by the University of Arkansas’ Students for a Free Tibet. Educational materials instructing the precise method of construction were compiled by Heart Hunters Consulting, a global social advocacy-centric consulting firm based in the United States. The cultural coordination of this project was directed by Fayetteville’s Geshe Thupten Dorjee and Dr. Sidney Burris, co-founders of the Tibetan Cultural Institute of Arkansas, Tibetans in Exile Today, and Tutors for Tibetans programs.

The TibetanTee design was produced through a cultural conversation between Joelle Storet and Geshes Dorjee and Pema Dorjee. The stupa in the foreground represents the Buddha and demonstrates the triumph of enlightenment’s wisdom over suffering’s ignorance. The are memorials to the possibility of freedom from suffering for all beings. We can’t image a better symbol to represent our support of a Free Tibet, a dream where the storied and characteristically compassionate Tibetan culture is able to live free in its homeland.

Deeper into the design you will see Mt. Kailash
, an iconic peak of the Tibetan Himalayas, and contributing source of the longest, most life bearing rivers in Asia.

The designs depth itself is create through the colors of the Tibetan prayer flags. This is intended to symbolize that through the Tibetan culture, we can gain a deeper understanding of the natural world. The flags themselves are strung across the top of the back design and are hung from the Fayettechill Prayer Flag Logo on the front of the shirt. Prayers are imprinted with mantras of compassionate, wisdom, and general good tidings. It was our hope that in including them in this design that, like prayer flags themselves, their good vibes and beautiful aesthetics would be benefit to all who cross their path.

Thank you to all who support the TibetanTee project, not just financial, but socially. Each time you wear this shirt, you are breathing life into a beautiful, fragmented culture that is in need of serious global support. Your contribution to this cause represents this support and all involved with the production of this project thank you for it.

This product is of exceptionally limited availability. If you miss out on this first round of TibetanTees, be sure to visit the TibetanTee poster page, sign up for the TibetanTee newsletter, or pre-order a shirt for the next round of production.


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does the job

Really cool shirt. It brings up a lot of questions and interests and opens up the door to conversations about Tibetan's and their situations. Also the nick nack type things that came with the shirt were pretty cool. Looks awesome.


Fayettechill is truly emerging as a global citizen...an indiscriminate force of loving goodness and compassionate abundance. Many thanks to those who have worked so hard to create this project. The love that went into its creation is a beautiful representation of the Tibetan culture as a whole.

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