At Fayettechill we are committed to increasing the production of our goods within United States. What started as a general goal has now turned into a tangible reality. Today, we are proud to say that 93% of our cotton based apparel is manufactured nationally. Our "Made in the USA" campaign is intended to showcase our goal of having as much of our production done in the United States as possible. With a team of highly ambitious employees and the support of our community, we are confident that we can build towards this important goal. Wanna help? Please contact us at

So why are so focused on keeping the production of our product locally grounded? The list goes long, but here are some of the highlights:

Welfare of our Economy

It is no secret that our country's economy is not as strong as we as citizens believe it can be. There are multiple contribution to our economies current, fragile state, but in reference to our operations, we would like to focus on textile productions and jobs. We strongly believe in the benefit that comes out of keeping our apparel production centered in the United States. Jobs are created and sustained through the productions we initiate and we believe it is our responsibility to keep those jobs here in the States. Resources are funneled into those companies so that they themselves have the power to further stimulate both their local, state, and national economy.  We believe being aware of where your dollar is going is important. It is a trickle effect that can shape the welfare of both individuals and our Nation alike.

Quality Standards

Our number one production priority at Fayettechill is quality. We pride ourselves on not only offering the most comfortable apparel on the market, but also in maintaining a philosophy that constantly seeks to improve our apparel in new and innovative ways. When we work in close proximity to the factories that produce our apparel, we can secure with confidence the quality standard customers of Fayettechill have now come to know and expect. Additionally, American social and business infrastructure allows us to work with environmentally progressive companies and organizations such as Swisstex, and bluesign. These institutions allow as to produce with confidence not just in the quality of our product, but also in the quality work experience for factory employees, with minimal impact on the environment. 

The joy of relationships built with USA factories

Quite simply, there is something pure and wonderful in working with your neighbors. Our dream was conceived in the United States, and we very much enjoy developing that dream in the fertile creative grounds of culture. When we decide to work with a United States factory or company, we understand that those companies are very likely to share our same same vision of having high standards within the work place, developing new processes and technology to deal with waste and inefficiencies, and in general just being hungry and creative as is the American way. At the end of the day, it just feels good to work with our national community. Just like with everything we do as a company, we tend to follow the trail that makes us feel happy, substantial, and true to our identity. 

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Our Partnered Dye House:

Swisstex uses natural gas as its energy source and utilizes ultra-low-NOx gas burners; it consumes half as much energy as an average dyehouse in the U.S. and 80 percent less than the average Asian dyehouse (measured as resources consumed per pound of fabric dyed).

Swisstex expends half as much water as an average dyehouse in the U.S and again, 80 percent less than the average Asian dyehouse. They also use no sulfur dyes, though these dyes are still legal in the United States, as well as low-impact finishes to avoid use of harsh or toxic chemicals. It does not use resins or formaldehydes to control shrinkage. The result: an 80% reduction in chemicals. Swisstex now uses bluesign® technologies AG to screen its sources for dyestuffs and chemicals. And big win, Swisstex releases no polluted water into the Los Angeles Basin, where our factories are located.

Organic Cotton:

In 2015 we decided to move the bulk of our products to Organic Cotton. Although not all of our items have made this shift we are actively seeking to better our products in our supply chain.

Recycled Polyester:

In 2015 we decided to move a bulk of our products to Recycled Polyester. Although not all of our items have made this shift we are actively seeking to better our products in our supply chain.