Morrison Unisex Beanie - FW18 FAY Ocre OS


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This cuffed beanie is made for the laid-back amongst us. Featuring a hand dyed ocre fabric, wide cuff for extra warmth, and finished with minimal Fayettechill branding.
  • Unisex Beanie
  • Made in the U.S.A.
- 40% Recycled Cotton / 10% Polyester / 50% Acrylic
Factory: LA Beanie
Los Angeles, California / Supplier Since 2018 / Sewing
We have used LA Beanie since 2018 and are happy to build Made In USA products with an eco story. We are mostly using Recover recycled materials with them for Recycled Cotton, Recycled Wool, & Recycled Polyester. They are a small operation based in Los Angeles, CA.
Recover Recycled Polyester, Recover Recycled Wool, Recover Recycled Cotton

We see Recycled Cotton as a possible replacement for Organic Cotton as technology advances. Why grow virgin materials when the world produces much waste and we can build a circular economy & supply chain? Recycled Cotton yarn uses no water during the manufacturing process and saves 3,485 liters of water for every kilo produced as compared to Virgin Cotton. Recycled Cotton is produced with no chemical additives that affect the environment. The manufacturing process in Recycled Cotton produces zero CO2 emissions into the environment.

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Perfect layer!
Go 2 Daily Beanie

Our Promise

At our 11-year mark, our commitment to quality is stronger than ever. Goods for the woods that are good for the woods. We collect and thoughtfully create eco-conscious goods that are built-to-last. We strive to lessen our impact on the environment with each seasonal product collection, including ethical manufacturing and sourcing of organic and recycled materials.

Organic Cotton

Vote for Organic Cotton. It protects natural ecosystems and nurtures the soil, versus crops treated with pesticides and chemicals that are harmful for farmers, workers, wildlife, and waterways.


We like Hemp. Its natural resistance to pests and weed-blocking dense growth requires no chemicals of any kind. It is the strongest natural fiber, naturally antimicrobial and resistant to UV.

Recycled Polyester

At our Hemp Fortex factory, we use Repreve Recycled Polyester, which uses PET from plastic water bottles as the raw material. Recycling the PET into fiber not only reduces landfill and ocean waste, it causes far less air pollution than making new PET.

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