Molly Jogger 1900 Ozarks Bandana
Molly Jogger 1900 Ozarks Bandana

Molly Jogger 1900 Ozarks Bandana

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Midway between the Appalachians and the Rockies lies the great Ozark uplift --- not a country of towering cliffs and precipitous canyons, but a land of friendly hills and peaceful valleys, of crystal clear streams tinged with the blue of deepening pools, of tree-lined trails winding toward ever-changing vistas, of a people whose vision of hospitality is as great as the star-studded canopy of an Ozark night.


- 1900 Ozark region map

- Small batch printed with traditional discharge methods

- 100% cotton, 22" x 22" bandana, neckerchief, handkerchief

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