Tri Cycle Farms: Building Community Through Soil

Tri Cycle Farms: Building Community Through Soil

The beloved Tri Cycle Farms, located in the heart of Fayetteville just off Garland, is one of our favorite spots to reconnect with the natural cycle of nature. A staple within the NWA food network, the grounds of Tri Cycle Farms not only offer a space of gardening, food security, and belonging for individuals, but also provide means for the NWA community at large to reduce its eco footprint.

Owner Don Bennett, believes that local food systems and networks are at the very core of greenhouse gas reduction, climate change adaptation, energy and water conservation, underemployment, health disparities and all manners of social injustice. He hopes that through the power of farming, our community can be healed. For these reasons, Don started the Tri Cycle Farms Food Recovery and Rescue Program in 2015.

Tri Cycle Farms' number one priority has always been to provide for the community. The property, fronted with a small community home and backed by a two-storied red barn, marks the entrance to a mass of community gardens. Full of diverse plant life, green houses, and dripping vines of ready-to-eat vegetables, these grounds are ready for community harvest year round. And the soil they use to nourish all of this food? Soil from composted food, sourced from local businesses like Ozark Natural Foods, Fayetteville's Whole FoodsNative Nectar, and Puritan Brew Co.

In the first three months of 2017 alone, the Food Recovery and Rescue Program was able to keep 6,300 lbs. of produce out of the landfills and recycle it into soil. This makes up only a portion of the 30,000 lbs. that has been turned into soil since they began this program back in 2015. In efforts to reduce food waste and ease local hunger, Don Bennett and his team at Tri Cycle Farms has been able to donate over 40,000 lbs of food to places like 7 Hills Homeless Center, Seeds that Feed, and Food Corps AR.

We know that if Tri Cycle Farms thrives, NWA thrives even more. As an important aid in cutting food waste and lowering our area's eco footprint, we hope they can continue working toward their mission to solve food insecurity. They certainly cannot take this on alone. If you or anyone you know would like to help Tri Cycle Farms in their efforts toward lowering food waste and feeding the community, please consider donating here as apart of April 6th's celebrated Arkansas Gives Day! If money is not the best way for you to support, please check out their website for information on volunteer hours.

words by Ashleigh Rose | photos by Heno Head


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