Suspend: The act of pausing and being mindful

The World: The environment and the inspired people within

Nature: The conduit to calm

Fayettechill has had several mission statements through its history. Some were long, some were short, but for hard-to-identify reasons, none of them stuck.

On a winter trip to the Buffalo River area that our team began to deeply ponder what business meant to each of us. No business school mission statement exercises or whiteboards (though one would have been helpful), we were simply writing down the components of business that were most important to us. As a company, what was it that we were sharing that allowed us to continue doing business?-- What was it that allowed us to translate clothing into a message that does good?

Suspend the World in Nature.

We believe in the power of the natural world-- the subtle yet overwhelming ability that nature offers to inspire, heal, and energize. To get out into nature, pause, and think about what is most important. The clarity this exercise lends is the backbone of why we try to get outside as much as possible. We think the power contained in the mountains, rivers, trees, and wind is the answer to stress and anxiety, and we think we should share our realization with the world.

The obvious effects of our mission statement are most visible in our shirts. Our shirts are the main representation of our message. A piece of art inspired by nature, on organic cotton and recycled polyester, made in the USA. That said, when we make any piece of clothing, we strive to hit three ideals: mindful, durable, and comfortable. Mindful represents well-sourced materials. Durable represents the attention to quality. Comfortable represents a theme of relaxed fit, soft materials, and easygoing style.

A survey response came to us recently. The person who wrote it was going through a hard time, not eating well, and depressed. A simple shift in perspective-- noticing nature-- changed their life. Opening their mind to the therapeutic effects of the natural world made it possible to find a new hobby in hiking. They lost 60 pounds and made time to explore beautiful locations. They are happy.

Fayettechill didn’t do this for them. Fayettechill’s mission statement didn’t do this for them. But Fayettechill’s mission statement did support this latent desire that was there all along (that is innate in each of us). If we only get through to one person this year, that’ll be enough for me.

Anecdotal examples aside, our business provides us the ability to shout a message that we find particularly important. The world is getting wound up faster than we can unwind it, and to us, that’s all the motivation we need.

Suspend the world in nature.

If we get to have fun, work with friends, and be outside along the way, those are just the perks. Join us when you can, and let us know how you or we can do more to Suspend the World in Nature.


words by Andrew Gibbs-Dabney | photo by Tate Cagle