Meet Our Team: Photographer Henry Head

Meet Our Team: Photographer Henry Head

Hey guys, my name is Henry Head & I am one of Fayettechill's photographers. I hail from Southwest Missouri & have always had a passion for the outdoors. Growing up I had heaps of energy & curiosity that often got me into trouble because I didn’t have any healthy outlets to express myself. I attended John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR for my freshman year of college. Throughout, I hopped majors-- from business, to psychology, to philosophy, to outdoor rec until I realized I hadn't actually done enough in my life to invest my time & money into a career path. I mean, how can anybody? We spend all of our youth & early adult years in a classroom with an overwhelming pressure to "be responsible", but it often robs us of any freedom to discover ourselves or what we want to pursue.


The following summer landed me back in my hometown of Branson, MO working a job like everyone else, paying rent like everyone else, & just kind of floating through life like everyone else. But things changed when I met a guy named Michael Portugal. Portugal was hitchhiking through my hometown & through some unlikely odds, ended up in front of me. He had abandoned the comforts of home & materialism to embrace a life of poverty on a spiritual conquest to love & serve the homeless. Three weeks later I was leaving with him to do the same thing. 


We freedom camped from Missouri to California, where we ditched my car in Santa Barbara. Over the next three months we hitchhiked north, from Southern California, to Seattle dumpster diving food, sleeping in hammocks, & fully adopting the philosophies of the nomad. During the duration of our time together he began to teach me about photography. From there I worked as a white water rafting guide at an adventure camp in Colorado, & after that I spent six months with a small group of friends hitchhiking & dirt-bagging around Australia & New Zealand, documenting via phone & disposable film cameras. 


When I got home from almost two years of traveling I had a new sense of focus & pursuit. I was ready to continue a more serious pursuit of photography, & I wanted to do it with a brand that shared a similar heartbeat. When I saw Fayettechill was looking for a new photographer, I sent in my portfolio, & landed the gig. 2015 was filled with Fayettechill shooting-- from self-generated shoots in Missouri, to FC hosted camping retreats in the Ouachitas, to a three week FC team train trip across the East Coast. It's been unreal getting to continue the lifestyle I love with like-minded people, spreading the good vibes from coast to coast. Here's an array of some of my favorite shots. 


shots & words by Henry Head | @hennythepooh |

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