Father's Day is just around the bend, and we're stoked for the opportunity to celebrate it.  Many of us learn our favorite pastimes from the pops, and we very much enjoy the news that more and more dads enjoy Fayettechill each year. For this year's celebration, we will be offering a Father's Day bundle deal on your choice of shirt + hat for $50.00. Just use the code "FATHERSDAY" on any hat + shirt combo and you'll see the holiday discount apply. Shop the Father's Day collection here.

The Fayettechill and father lifestyles work well together. Many of the sports we love to talk about - fly fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, yoga, rock climbing, backcountry backpacking - are made possible by fathers throughout the United States. We know many dads that sit on the conservation boards of the White, Norfork, and Red Rivers and work hard to protect the trout population that swims throughout them. We've met a wide number of dads who spend their weekends building mountain biking and hiking trails throughout the State and region. We've practiced yoga with plenty of patriarchs who are looking for a classic unwind and cool down from the daily hustle-n-bustle of their lives. Due to this and more, there is a natural circle of shared experiences and interests between fathers and Fayettechill. In addition to shirts and hats, here are some of the most recent popular items for dads:

The Journeyman Dry Bag backpack is our go-anywhere do-anything pack. Perfect for the dad that explores outdoors rain or shine. 
Our ultra dynamic four way stretch Mongrel shorts are a great pick up for anyone who often works outdoors. Water ready for the Summer. 
A hammock hookup might be the ultimate gift of relaxation. Check out our Kammoks to purchase the highest quality hammocks on the market. Includes a lifetime guarantee with purchase! 


Bring the worlds together in your life and outfit your father in Fayettechill this Sunday. We make competitively comfortable clothing, some say the most comfortable shirts and hats on the block. For this week only, you can give your dad both for $50.00 using the promotional code, "FATHERSDAY" when shopping from the Father's Day Collection. There is a certain sense of happiness that comes from giving your dad an item to make his life more comfortable. Fathers spend most of their time making sure we are all fed, happy, looked after, and comfortable. It's nice to return the favor.

Additionally, all orders over $75 this week will receive a FREE Bear Trucker hat for personal use or to give to pops as a presents. Good times and great deals for all. Happy Father's Day!